According to statistics almost 12,000 new cases of death have been reported each year due to lung diseases. The lung diseases affect the lung and lung tissues. To attain a healthy lifestyle and well-being, prevention is the key. Understanding the risk factors is your way of preventing lung diseases. This content will give you an insight of who is at risk in developing lung problems and the places where highest rates of lung conditions have been reported.


What Causes Lung Diseases?

Pollution is probably one of the problems in the environment. Some reports said that pollution is one of the factors that put the people at risk of developing lung problems. Many factors affect the normal lung function.

  • Smoking. It is the most common cause of lung diseases in the world. They said that smoking could put you at risk in developing lung cancer, ┬ábronchitis, and emphysema. Exposure to second-hand smoke can also put you at risk in developing COPD. It has been reported that secondhand smoke has a negative effect on the lung and vascular systems.
  • Harmful chemicals. The most common compounds are radon and asbestos. Radon is the second cause of lung cancer. It is a radioactive gas that naturally found at home. Asbestos is a mineral that is located in the industries and affects the lungs negatively.
  • Air pollution. It is uncontrollable especially if you are living in the city. Overexposure to air pollution can put you at risk in developing lung problems.
  • Age. Lung diseases caused by infections are prevalent with elderly and children due to a weak immune system. Another reason is that lung mature at the age of 20 and above.


Who is at risk of Lung diseases?

Some types of work can put you at higher risk of developing lung problems. Knowing the list does not mean that you have to stop your work, it only means you have to be careful and make some changes like wearing a mask.

  • Construction. Construction workers are at risk of developing lung problems. These type of job are more exposed to radon and asbestos, the harmful chemicals that can cause lung problems.
  • Housekeeping. Many of the cleaning materials are chemicals that can be harmful to your lungs. Most of the cleaning products fight germs and produces a strong smell that could also irritate the lung tissue.
  • Factory workers. Manufacturing place has various chemicals around the area. Some harmful chemicals are damaging the lung tissue when inhaled. ┬áResearch suggests that factory workers are at higher risk of developing asthma.
  • Health care workers. People who work in the hospital such as doctors and nurses are at risk of developing lung infections. Healthcare workers are exposed to infectious diseases such as influenza and tuberculosis. Some of them may also be at risk if latex materials are often used like latex gloves.
  • Coal mining. Miners who work underground are at high risk with lung diseases like bronchitis because of the coal that they inhaled. Overexposure to coal dust is dangerous to health and will result in breathing problems.


Places That Have the Highest Rates of Lung Problems


Asthma is the most prevalent lung disease followed by chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. It is reported that more than 25 million individuals have asthma in the United States. Wherein 14. 8 million people have been diagnosed with COPD. Those people who live in the city are exposed to air pollution and has a number of lung problems.


The lung cancer is the leading types of cancer in the world affecting more than 1.61 million individuals every year. The lung problems do not depend on the places or countries. It is on the habits and lifestyle of a person. In one of the reports, Kentucky has the highest numbers of smoking cases in the United States. Denmark has reported the highest number of women who are diagnosed with lung cancer. Korea is the third country that has the highest rates of lung cancer in the world. The United States is the third country who has the highest rate of lung cancer for women. The reason why Korea has the third highest rates is that of the indoor air pollution and secondhand smoke. In one of the reports, they said that the European countries had reported a large number of patients hospitalized because of lung problems. The reports explained that the cases are due to smoking.


In conclusion, the place is not the reason why people have lung problems. It is because of the bad habits like smoking or overexposure to harmful chemicals. Some causes are uncontrollable. However, what matters is how you take care of yourself or how you protect yourself from the factors. The lung diseases are the overall term for problems in the lungs. The way to prevent yourself is to determine the causes of specific lung problems.