Welcome to 420lungs.com. We are a group who take an interest in lungs and lung problems because of an increase in cases associated with lung diseases.


Our history:

It all started when one of the best people we know had lung cancer. He was a health advocate, who did not even smoke. At an early age during childhood, he was diagnosed with asthma but was able to cope with the condition through medications. He got married at the age of 30 and started to work hard for his family, and then the nightmare began when he sometimes felt the shortness of breathing. He disregarded it, continued taking medications assuming that it was only because of his asthma. However, after a few years, it got worse, and he had a cough that did not go away. He went to a physician and later found out that he had lung cancer. He didn’t even try to smoke, but it all happened because of his overexposure to harmful compounds. Since then, we became passionate about the person’s well-being. Thanks to him, he taught us to do what we need to do by own means to help others.


Our mission:


To save lives.


We aim to save the lives of a person with lung problems by raising awareness. We raised awareness regarding lungs and lung conditions. We provide reliable and informative information regarding lungs and lung problems. We also do our research on the treatment of lung diseases. It also includes information about the updated study of the use of medical marijuana in treating a lung condition.