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Breathing is part of life, and it is the essential function your body needs. The lung is the vital organ part of the respiratory system that helps you breathe. The primary function of your lung is to carry oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The lung transport the oxygen into every cell of your body. Once your lung receives the oxygen from the air, the oxygen is transported to your bloodstream. Your bloodstream carries the carbon dioxide or waste gases then return your lung to exhale. The respiratory system consists of airways, lungs, blood vessels, and diaphragm. The airways are tubes that carry oxygen and carbon dioxide to and from your lungs. When there is a problem that affects your lungs, your breathing is the one affected by the conditions.


The lung problems can be caused by specific reasons such as others diseases and infections. The lung infections are often caused by viruses but can also be caused by bacteria. The infections cover a variety of conditions affecting the lungs. The infections that affect the lungs start to have inflammation and swelling on the person’s lungs. Understanding the symptoms may help in determining if the lung diseases are due to an infection or inflammation.


Surprisingly, most of the reports say that many patients in the hospital have a complained about their breathing. The statistics report that almost 4 million people died with chronic lung conditions each year. And one of the risk factors that cause lung diseases is harmful chemicals. Their nature of work causes some people that have lung diseases. Some places have shown the increase in numbers regarding lung diseases. They said that hispanic has the number of cases of lung diseases but the updated report states that there is one place that has an increase in the number of patients with lung diseases. They said that this country is on the top list of people with lung diseases.


Infections cause the lung disease sometimes it cannot be easily transmitted. However, various lung infections can be contagious and usually spread from person to person through saliva or blood. Many lung infections often occur with childhood and old age. The infectious lung disease can be transmitted to anyone regardless of age especially if you have a weak immune system. There are various lung diseases that are contagious. Understanding lungs problems that are contagious can help in finding the best treatment option.


In general, some of the lung diseases are life-threatening because lung problems can lead to chronic lung diseases if not diagnosed early. However, lung diseases are not only caused by infections and bad habits. Other diseases or underlying conditions can also cause it. In fact, other diseases can cause difficulty in breathing even if the lungs are not affected. They said that having kidney or liver disease can cause lung problems. The impaired lungs are often linked to cardiovascular disease probably because of the blood vessels. The content will tell you the conditions that can also affect the lung functions and causes lung problems.


Significantly, your lungs are the vital organs responsible for breathing. Therefore, the difficulty of breath would be the primary symptoms of lung problems, and also the main focused on most of the medications. Furthermore, medical marijuana is becoming popular because some people suggest that it can help with breathing problems. Nevertheless, some physician still cannot be approved for medical marijuana because smoking marijuana can affect the lungs negatively. One of the contents you can see on this page is about the most common treatment versus medical marijuana.

The first thing to remember and know is that your lung is the important organs in your body. Thus, it is essential to learn and recognize the symptoms of lung diseases, the conditions that affect your lungs and the treatment options.